🎨 Calling All Budding Artists! 🎨

I have been super impressed with all of the excellent pieces of art that I have seen from our excellent year 3’s!!

There are loads of different art activities available for you to discover on the internet  by searching on Google or Pinterest. However, if you are truly wishing to develop your artistic skills, here are some useful websites offering tutorials for you to hone your talent:

KS2 art and design ideas from BBC Bitesize – teaches lots of different disciplines and uses lots of different materials. Definitely worth a look!

Emily Gopaul is an artist, art teacher and primary art consultant. She has done a series of videos called ‘The Primary Art Class’ covering the colour wheel, observational drawing and sculpting with recyclable materials, amongst others.

John Harris is a British artist and educator. There are lots of videos on his YouTube channel to learn art skills for every occasion.

Rob Biddulph is an award-winning artist and illustrator. When the Coronavirus pandemic began Rob posted videos twice a week to inspire children to create art. Click on ‘Draw with Rob’ on his website, it is definitely worth a look!

Emily Gravett is an author but foremost an illustrator of popular picture books such as ‘The Rabbit Problem’, ‘Meerkat Mail’, ‘Tidy’ and many more. On her website she provides an insight into how she draws and activities linked to her books.

Cassie Stephens is an art teacher based in America. She has posted hundreds of videos on YouTube often based on a weekly theme – dinosaurs, pirates, scientists…you name it!

An American art website but offers useful art tutorials for each age group within primary.

Will Sliney is an Irish comic book artist. So, for those that would like to learn how to draw their favourite Fortnite, Marvel or Mario character…this is the website for you!

For the serious artist…Paul Carney is a primary and secondary art consultant from Newcastle upon Tyne. If you click on the ‘primary’ tab there are videos and PowerPoints linked to skills, drawing and artists.


If you create any pieces by using these sites, send us your pictures to enjoy!!

Hope you are all happy and healthy,

Miss Bell 🙂

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